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After more than 3 years as a Director of one of the UK’s leading TV companies, Twofour, Phil founded Jukwa – a consultancy company that focusses on the technology and business of delivering video in a multi-platform world. Ideally, Phil would spend his time somewhere between an African orphanage and an Alpine ski resort, armed with a variety of gadgets trying to invent solutions to technology projects. Jukwa is about as close to that as Phil can get! After 2 decades of broadcast and digital engineering experience coupled with business development, he’s as comfortable with HD-SDI as EBITDA, and would be delighted if you contacted us.


Dennis heads up our Uganda office. Formerly Chief Commercial Officer Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, Dennis is a well known sports, broadcasting and marketing professional in East Africa. He sits on the board of Uganda’s National Council of Sports and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ugandan Corporate League.


Rob has more than 30 years of broadcast production experience including hundreds of hours of great content for the SABC and the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation to coverage of sporting events for FIFA, CAF, IAAF and many, many others. He is the part-owner of the largest broadcast studios in Lagos, Nigeria and an experienced broadcaster trainer in creative production


Ben has been designing and producing award winning interactive media since 2000. Working independently and leading teams of creatives designers and front end developers. It’s the variety of interactive platforms that excites Ben, working on flash websites, microsites, social networking portals, webcasts and live events, games, viral campaigns, webTV and content management driven websites, for clients such as Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, BBC, The European Parliament, The Science Museum and HBO.

London, Kampala, Tallinn

+44 20 7078 4306 | | Head Office:
5th Floor, 167-169 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PE, UK

Jukwa Group provides broadcast and OTT consultancy to clients in Europe and Africa.

We can support you from the business plan for a new TV channel or platform to reinvigorating your programme content or sales activity.