Broadcast Solutions

Do you want to launch a broadcast channel, or are you wondering which equipment is best to buy? Do you need to raise finance and need a bankable business plan written? Our expert consultants can help. From a small, low-cost broadcast television studio to 24 x 7 HD TV channels and beyond, we’ve created solutions that have delighted our clients.

We can provide support in any of these areas:

  • Content
  • Technology
  • Site
  • Personnel
  • Marketing & Brand
  • Finances

From initial feasibility – including competitor analysis and bankable business plans – through to procurement, branding and graphic design, project management, training, on-air and post-launch support, the Jukwa team are here to help you.

We’re not going to push the highest cost broadcast technologies.

We don’t want to create a channel that runs out of cash after the first year.

Therefore, we’ll help you find the most appropriate solution, to create the content your audience wants. In addition, because of decades of experience, our consultants can support you on rights deals; programme ideas; staff recruitment and interviews; structured training and more. We’ve also extensive experience in online video services (Over The Top).We’ve worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and more. We can dip in for a short engagement to solve a specific problem, or be with you for the long haul, at prices that work for you in Africa.

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Jukwa Group provides broadcast and OTT consultancy to clients in Europe and Africa.

We can support you from the business plan for a new TV channel or platform to reinvigorating your programme content or sales activity.