What is Jukwa

At Jukwa, our team provides strategic and technical consultancy around online and broadcast video projects .. but where did the name Jukwa come from (and how do you pronounce it)?

Jukwa – (pronounced Joo-kwah) – is a Swahili word meaning platform … for example, a podium from which a leader can give a speech; a raised platform to get a better view of African game when on safari etc. We chose the name for a couple of reasons:

  • Working with convergent media (digital broadcasting including online), the tools used to deliver content to viewers are typically known as platforms
  • To get better vision, people on safari often climb up onto game viewing platforms. These can even be high in trees, for the best view. We feel that taking the view from ‘up high’, looking down over the rapidly evolving broadcast industry, allows us to give our clients the best perspectives.

Our connection with Africa runs deep and long. While the continent is rapidly getting wired up for the Internet with fibre such as EASSy, SEACOM and TEAMS and the newer entrants 2Africa and PEACE Cable, we know that the quality of life for many in Africa is well below ours in the West. As such, a minimum of 5% of our profits is sent to projects in Africa, for example supporting those working with orphans. Our logo shows an African eagle soaring over stylised mountains, which if you look carefully, spell out the name Jukwa. The eagle in flight symbolises the ability to rise above, and get the best perspective .. Jukwa – a platform to communicate – with the best perspective. 

Broadcast Consultant

+44 20 7078 4306 | info@jukwa.com | Head Office:
Tremough Innovation Centre, Penryn, Cornwall,TR10 9TA, UK
UK Company Number: 07673872, VAT: GB115965891

Jukwa Group provides broadcast and OTT consultancy to clients in Europe and Africa.

We can support you from the business plan for a new TV channel or platform to reinvigorating your programme content or sales activity.