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Having decided to move ahead in broadcasting, there are many key questions to ask, and to which we can offer guidance. Jukwa works with your team, recognising and reinforcing their strengths and abilities. We understand that human resources are the key to a successful operation, and where possible, we work to enhance and improve the existing capabilities within a broadcaster. We are pragmatic and understand limitations of budget.

While making use of the latest technologies to manage projects, we always encourage face to face meetings, especially in the formative stages of a project. It is as this stage that trust is built, ideas can be freely exchanged and innovative solutions conceived. Agreed minutes underpin the decisions made and the requirements and individual roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, for the success of the project.


To us, enlightened procurement is all about buying the right things for the right prices.

It isn’t necessarily about getting the cheapest supplier, it is much more about ensuring your suppliers are the best fit for your business.

Well over 15 years of experience, in public and private sector procurement, has given us unmatched experience in reaching clear consensus on what is needed; on helping to prepare clear specifications and unambiguous evaluation criteria.

While this could sound complicated, and even ‘far too much’ for private organisations, we firmly believe that being clear on what you want and systemising how you make decisions brings big benefits.


Once your service is going live, we can work alongside you to help ensure that the wheels keep running smoothly. Our experience (in particular, of Africa) added to our practical knowledge of wider broadcast markets ensures that we can reduce your risk and reduce time to market. This may start off with a review of your business processes, before we can provide advice on best practices and workflows and even create new opportunities.

Our typical 6 stages are:

1. Situation Analysis and Presentation
2. Agreement of Future State
3. Gap Analysis
4. Options to ‘Close Gap’, including Recommendation(s)
5. Management of the Improvement
6. Identification of Future Opportunities


Outside of consultancy, it isn’t unusual that we are asked do deliver bespoke projects.

After decades of working in broadcast, our consultants, along with our trusted network of colleagues can offer broadcast training, systems integration, software development, graphic design and animation, plus project management.

Our long and varied experience means we can deliver special projects on time and in budget.


There are many online video platforms and providers (OVPs). From the largest and well-funded Brightcove, Ooyala (now Telstra), Kaltura, Vimond, thePlatform (Comcast) to those offering more of a bespoke service such as Kinura, Vualto (now jwPlayer) and Broadpeak. Then there’s Conviva, Nice People at Work, Datazoom, and maybe you’ve heard of the JW Player, THEOPlayer and others? How does OSMF fit in to HLS, and what about MPEG-DASH and Low latency HLS? Which OVPs support content security, Digital Rights Management (DRM) or watermarking?


Design is more than just making something look visually appealing – it’s about crafting an appropriate and effective solution to a specified design problem. By taking time to understand a client’s organisation and strategic business objectives, the design can then support and strengthen their brand by communicating a strong clear message to the target audience. If a project has been effectively designed to communicate relevant information in a priority order of importance, then the choice of visual style becomes less significant if the fundamental goals of the project have been achieved .


Broadcast Consultant

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Jukwa Group provides broadcast and OTT consultancy to clients in Europe and Africa.

We can support you from the business plan for a new TV channel or platform to reinvigorating your programme content or sales activity.