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Jukwa is a leading independent broadcast consulting firm, focussed on broadcast and online video projects, from feasibility to delivery. We serve clients in all phases of the project lifecycle, working across the entire value chain – from the business planning and modelling to technical implementation, staffing and implementation. Our head office is based in the Southwest of England with satellite offices in Estonia, Uganda and Zambia. We understand the latest broadcast technologies and use them to create new media businesses and optimise old broadcast workflows.

What this means is that whatever stage of your broadcast journey – and wherever you are based – our core team of experts can come alongside and offer support, typically starting from an initial free of charge call to to understand your objectives and needs and existing pain points, and what you’d like from a potential engagement.

At your request, we will then present a formal proposal including budget, to give you the support to move your organisation forward.

Free Initial Assessment

Strategy and long-term thinking – defining your unique strengths

Jukwa has been a trusted broadcast consultancy since 2011. Global companies and organisations trust us to deliver and help with the implementation of sensible strategies – we provide the link between executive decision-making and detailed knowledge of what we consider the 3 key areas of broadcasting – content, technology and finance.

Jukwa has undertaken detailed planning for single and multi-channel TV network launches, from development of the proposition and business model to launch and beyond. Our work can include a review of your organisation, its management and staffing, its budget and funding and the technical infrastructure and facilities.

Often, our clients already have a defined vision. However, recent explosive growth in mobile and social media engagement – especially among young people – is challenging existing models. Any channel needs to regularly review its role in the market, and communicate this internally and externally, through a coherent strategy and realistic timeline. 

For existing broadcasters, we help with integrating TV, radio and online to create a coherent, modern network.

For many viewers, access to timely and unbiased news impacts their entire perception of a channel – trust the news, trust the channel. Other content options include entertainment shows, sports, debates, programmes aimed at specific audience segments and original drama productions. Audience research ensures that decisions are based on what viewers want to watch, rather than what your team want to produce. We can help you, on this journey.

All our reports are written in clear, non-technical English to enable them to be widely understood.

Equipment procurement – always in your best interests

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate solutions, if you let your engineers choose then you could quite easily end up with a larger bill than you’d expected. But without full technical understanding, how can you evaluate what you really need? It isn’t unusual for enthusiastic vendors to act like sharks in the water who have scented blood! We’ve been at tradeshows where literally a team of vendors have surrounded a new broadcaster, directing them to friendly suppliers and preventing the broadcaster from learning about options and alternative products. Why not take the initiative back from the vendors and system integrators and work with a partner who has your best interests at heart? We are independent of manufacturers and have decades of experience in coming up with excellent solutions, including for those with very limited budgets.

Operations – it takes training to create champions

Our experience comes from working with a wide range of clients, worldwide, learning from both positive and negative examples. With specific expertise in news and sports, we are frequently asked to advise on human resources and productivity, as well as programming abilities and aspirations. Sometimes, there are great opportunities to refresh operations, but managing change is essential, especially when moving to an honest, comprehensive, inspiring and creative environment. The move to an integrated digital approach – creating once and delivering to multiple platforms, as well as making best use of audience-generated content – is just one example of how technology is impacting broadcast operations.

A typical project includes an initial review of the organisation and the operating environment including interviews with team members, virtual (or onsite) tours of facilities, clarification of workflows and reviews of produced output. What if you’ve got a legacy team that aren’t quite reaching their potential? We’ll help you define a desired ‘end state’ and create a plan to overcome the identified gaps, and when necessary, we can call on our wide network of excellent trainers – in broadcast journalism, production, technical operations and engineering.

We can assist with job descriptions and recruitment – on more than one occasion, we’ve participated in interviews for potential new staff with our clients. We’re delighted that across Africa and Europe, we’ve created a legacy of helping broadcasters recruit outstanding new team members and these highly motivated new candidates have now secured new roles – and careers – in broadcasting.

Onair and Online

Broadcasters today need a structure and workflows that ensure content is created once but used across multiple platforms. Much of the audience today consumes news from online, and especially on mobile. How can broadcasters adopt a ‘mobile first’ mindset, without cannibalising linear broadcast channels? And what is the role of the established social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, TiKTok, Twitter – in your strategy? Where do you fit in; how do you maximise your impact? Instead of spending money on social media and Over The Top (OTT) platforms, how do you make money or extend your reach; how do you integrate digital into your output and use it to reinforce your broadcast media?

Where do we work?

Before Covid-19, Jukwa frequently operated throughout English-speaking Africa. But then the virus happened. It wasn’t quite so easy to travel. In fact, it was impossible. Zoom calls were no replacement for face-to-face. Our clients themselves were in lockdown. A whole new broadcast environment launched from early usage of Internet technologies. Instead of inviting a guest for an interview, it was now over the Internet. Instead of a panel show with a real audience, technology allowed panellists in different places with a virtual audience watching, and interacting, from home. Did it work? Probably not so well but the broadcast had to go on! As we have now come out of lockdown we’re back to face to face meetings including recent visits to South Africa, United Kingdom, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Southern Europe. As long as transport and Covid protocols permit, we’re delighted to be traveling again, and of course, some work can be done over Zoom – just, hopefully, not all of it. We look forward to working with you in person, helping you to get rid of your broadcast problems and taking advantage of the evolving media landscape.


Please do get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form to enquire whether our services are right for you. Also, why not catch up on our latest news, including a podcast on African broadcasting and OTT.

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