Thoughts and observations

  • African broadcasting and Over The Top services
    30 years of broadcasting
  • Broadcast Equipment for Africa
    As you may read about, on our website, we regularly work in Africa. From high-profile multichannel TV services to small, cost effective radio and TV studios, we’ve worked on a wide variety of projects. 25 years ago, Phil had the privilege of launching a couple of radio stations in Zambia (still going today). Through the […]
  • An industry in transition
    Intensified competition also brings with it increased confusion for viewers, and content curation becomes more important for OTT services to find success. This March, the annual Connected TV World Summit continued its journey to help the industry transform itself. It’s a sign of our industry’s growing maturity that more than 90% of operators now have […]
  • In search of hybrids
    In the early 20th century, a new profession – orchid hunter – emerged. The unusual shape and colours of the flower caused Europeans to develop ‘orchid fever’, and orchid hunters faced tropical diseases, snakes and deadly competitiveness in their attempts to collect the beautiful, fragrant flowers. Orchids are ideal to cross breed – to create […]
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Jukwa Group provides broadcast and OTT consultancy to clients in Europe and Africa.

We can support you from the business plan for a new TV channel or platform to reinvigorating your programme content or sales activity.